Importance of Subcategories in eCommerce SEO

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Subcategories are of great importance to forming a quality structure of the site and the nesting of its documents. The reasons why subcategories are important are the search intent of the user, and the search engine’s understanding of the fact that we seek to convey to the user the information he wants, regardless of the nature of the intent – commercial or informational.

What do we mean? Let’s take the example of the automotivo category of one of Brazil’s largest online retailers. In the desktop version of this category page, we see a navigation menu in the sidebar, allowing us to get to deeper levels of nesting.

Automotivo Nesting

This is reminiscent of the SILO structure, where the category acts as a hub page and leads the user to more highly specialized documents that rank for lower-frequency queries.


In our product, when segmenting a project, in addition to the basic division into category-hubs, we do a deeper slicing of categories, to find growth points within each category.

Subcategories Bubble Chart
From the bubble chart above, we can conclude that the subcategories of the automotivo segment with the lowest demand rank much higher than the subcategories of the same segment with the highest demand. A glance at this dashboard alone will allow the specialist to see the growth point and focus his further attention on optimizing certain subcategories.

Of course – this is not the only thing that can be learned from competent subcategory analytics. Our analysts, based on detailed segmentation of the project, provide subcategory analysis of competitors, analysis of seasonality and solve many problems based on the data-driven approach to SEO.

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