communication between SEO and development teams SEO
How to build effective communication between SEO and development teams
Almost every SEO specialist has encountered a situation
A system of website performance metrics Business Intelligence (BI)
How to Evaluate Website Performance: KPIs and Metrics You Should Track
Any business, especially in ecommerce, invests a lot
302 Redirect SEO Glossary
302 Redirect
Not sure what a 302 redirect is or when to use them?
Featured Snippet SEO Glossary
Featured Snippets or “Position Zero”
Featured snippets are a special type of result that
404 error page SEO Glossary
404 Error Code
What is 404 Server Response Code? The HTTP 404 Not
301 redirect SEO Glossary
301 Redirect
What is a 301 redirect? 301 redirect is a permanent
PPA Featured Image SEO Glossary
Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ Box
The Google People Also Ask (PAA) has changed the way
HTTP1.1 SEO Glossary
What is Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)?
The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the foundation