Building an efficient SEO strategy for a large ecommerce website

OZON, multibrand marketplace

Russia (TOP2 ecom) and CIS

About the client:

  • 450K orders daily
  • 27 million SKUs on site
  • 116M MAU
  • 2 million keywords


The SEO team needed to consider lots releases and changes every week in order to prevent:

  • lost indexability
  • URL structure changes
  • drop in search traffic


To minimize negative effects on SEO, the SEO team organized regular meetings with the IT department to describe the importance of SEO, made a list of all the changes necessary to be approved by the SEO team, and started using a product-based approach.

To test new features and understand their impact on SEO, the SEO team chose the SEOWORK platform.

SEOWORK helps to test new ideas with experiments: the SEO team modifies a few pages, unites them into groups, and compares their visibility with the visibility of the whole site or any other group of pages. In this way, it becomes easier to understand if a new feature would be effective or not, and if the result would pay for itself.

After the release, the SEO team grouped pages with new features on the platform and tracked their visibility, so everyone would understand the impact of every feature on search traffic and conversions.

SEOWORK also helped to find the type of product page content with the biggest impact. That helped the team understand what type of content to invest in first.

For example, groups of pages with different text length had different visibility, so it was possible to win more traffic by adding additional text for some pages. Another example related to the number of reviews for a product. Obviously, more reviews is better for visibility but analytics showed the real impact came after more than 80 reviews were left.

On the other hand, there were projects that weren't worth investing in, for example backlinking for product listing pages.

Tech Monitor, another SEOWORK module, helps to maintain website health. It automatically sends alerts about technical issues to the SEO team and IT team, minimizing the risks of lost traffic.

With SEOWORK's extensive filters, the SEO team gets deep analytics about the whole site, groups of any pages, and even every single page. Plus, the analytics, displayed in clear understandable dashboards, are regularly shared with OZON's product team, IT department and marketing department.

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