More than all about search performance

Know everything about every page and every keyword performance

Track the most important SEO metrics:
ranking, visibility, search volume, potential traffic and other 20+ metrics.

With the help of our extensive filtering get all keymetrics above for the whole site or any category, groups of pages or single page. All metrics are performed in progress, just choose the period for monitoring and get to know what’s going on with search performance.

Find treatments and opportunities for growth in 2 clicks

Track growth rates to understand where you can improve to get more search traffic.
Minimize risks of losing traffic with alerts about pages with falling traffic and react at the moment to improve the situation.

All analytics available for site, group of pages, single pages and keywords.

Competitors insights


Be informed about competitors ranking

Track competitors for the whole site, categories, groups of pages and keywords, or even single page, in progress.

Compare your ranking with the common trend and important competitors’ results.

Find out leaders and fallings

Wide range of different filters allows:

  • to analyze competitors for the whole site or groups of pages,
  • to find leaders and fallen after Google algorithm updates,
  • to understand your competitors' rates of growth or falling,
  • to find newcomers.

Analyze sites with similar results to find out common features that made it possible to achieve success for example after the latest Google algorithm update.

Website health monitoring


Build free-error site

Track technical metrics related to site-health and performance such as indexability, availability, download speed and other 20+ metrics.

Get alarm-notification by email, if something goes wrong, and will be able to react quickly and minimize the risks of losing traffic due to technical errors.

A/B tests (SEO experiments)

Check your ideas by experiments and build a successful website!

Create a groups of pages with the same features, compare their ranking and visibility with other groups’ ranking and measure new features' impact on success.

In this way you may test any ideas around SEO-features, technical parameters and content: text, number of photos, video, 3D, UGC. Find the best ones for performance, measure its efficiency based on real data, understand what should be released first to get more search traffic.

BI reports / analytics


Powerful and understandable analytics

All the data and metrics we perform as dashboards in Internal BI - you needn’t waste your time to gather and process the data by yourself.
You may understand the seasonality and the traffic volume, track search traffic and visibility, get insights into new possibilities with our ready dashboards:

  • visibility desktop vs mobile,
  • visibility categories vs listing,
  • visibility, volume and volume share for any category,
  • visibility for different geo,
  • competitors visibility in dynamic,
  • competitors visibility for any category or groups of pages,
  • volume for competitor brands.

  • Get the deep analytics about the whole site, groups of pages or keywords,single pages with extensive filters.

    All analytics are performed in a clear, understandable way, so you needn’t waste your time to prepare it, just share the link with your marketing-team or perform ready reports to managers.

    Enrich you BI with new data

    If you want to analyze data by yourself in external BI (Power BI, Google Data Studio, Tableau etc) you may enrich your data with the data from SEOWORK through API without any additional fees.

    Measure Efficiency


    Prioritise SEO-tasks and measure return of investments

    Get to know what should be improved first with our analytics: find categories and pages with low visibility, errors-to-solve, poor content, check their potential to grow in search and prioritize tasks and investments.

    Unite such pages in a groups and track key metrics in progress to measure its success and realise return of SEO investments.
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