SEO consulting service

We help ecommerces, marketplaces and large websites to make sense of SEO data and build powerful SEO strategies to drive business growth.
Strengthen your SEO team and boost traffic
as 100+ ecom and marketplaces all around the world did
SEO consulting
SEOWORK's highly experienced team provides the best service to find insights and hidden opportunities to boost search traffic and CR.
  • Keyword research
  • Website technical health audit
  • On-page SEO
  • Backlinking strategy
  • Local SEO
  • New opportunities (based on analytics)
SEO Audit
Our SEO analysts provide you with the report around the current situation in your niche with details on the structure of your product catalog. They give recommendations on what might be improved on your SEO strategy and how to modify website to reach higher ranking and increase CR.
  • Demand analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website technical health audit
  • Visibility analysis for different types of pages (PLP and PCP)
  • Visibility analysis for different product categories
  • Research for growth points
Custom BI-analytics
SEOWORK analysts will build individual BI reports in popular data visualization systems (PowerBI, Google Data Studio, Tableau) based on data from different sources: Google Analytics, SEOWORK, CRM, etc. Predictive analytics (ML)
Site Migration Consulting
For business it is extremely important to come out of the site migration without traffic loss. Our team supported many migration projects and accumulated a great expertise and ready to share it with you. We provide consulting and recommendations that will minimize any risk on each stage of migration and help to protect your ranking.


analytics and SEO consultants with experience in different niches
successful cases
25 000+
hours of consulting
~33 TB
of data
data source


Do you provide consulting with a platform for all clients?
With the platform we provide tech support and customer support. Consulting is an additional service and its price is not included in the price for the platform.
What are the prices based on?
Prices for consulting are based on the number of hours that analysts spend on the project. Number of hours depends upon goals, but the minimum pack we provide is 20 hours.
I'm not a SEOWORK client but I want to get consulting from the team, is it possible?
Yes, we support teams even if they do not use SEOWORK platform. But we strongly recommend using the platform to measure website performance in detail.

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