Building an efficient SEO strategy for a large ecommerce business

and reaching 40% YoY search traffic growth

MVideo, multibrand electronic ecom site

TOP5 ecom in Russia and CIS

About the client:

  • $1.43 billion stock market capitalization
  • 300,000+ SKUs on site
  • 26.54M MAU
  • 500,000 keywords


The new SEO team faced a steady drop in search traffic, so the main challenges were:

  • finding and fixing current SEO issues
  • developing an SEO strategy for the next two years
  • prioritizing SEO tasks
  • getting a larger traffic share and increasing it YoY


Cooperation between MVideo and SEOWORK was based on the classic ecom path.

The main steps were:

  • gathering and processing the raw data (done by SEOWORK)
  • audit: finding the pages with high potential with the help of SEOWORK and exploring new opportunities
  • building a SEO strategy for 6-12 months
  • tracking the progress with SEOWORK
  • modifying the strategy if needed

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MVideo's SEO team began with a full SEO audit of the site. Gathering and processing traffic data manually requires a significant resource investment, so they chose the SEOWORK platform. SEOWORK provided a deep analysis of every page of the site, so the SEO team got a full report, including:

  • technical audit
  • site structure analysis and catalog audit
  • backlink audit
  • audit of text optimization and text efficiency
  • users' behavior
  • UX/UI audit
  • snippets audit
  • competitor analysis
  • reasons for search traffic loss

In addition, with the help of SEOWORK, the SEO team detected pages and groups of pages with high growth potential.

Based on the site audit, a SEO strategy for the next two years was created and launched.

Tasks were prioritized based on their impact:

  • fixing bugs for listings and product pages with high potential for fast growth,
  • dealing with CTR, keywords, tags, and content of product pages for long-term growth.

Certain tasks could be performed by the SEO team, while others needed to involve the IT and marketing departments:

Tasks for SEO team

  • changing Robots
  • checking the relevance of keywords
  • deleting twin-pages
  • backlinking
  • etc.

Tasks for SEO team and IT Department

  • increasing the download speed
  • improving the UX
  • etc.

Coordination with other departments at the beginning of the project helped to optimize the whole process.

The first results after bug fixing were noticed within 6 months.

The results of every task were regularly tracked with BI dashboards on the SEOWORK platform, the team saw a SEO impact, monitored the effectiveness of SEO activities, and adjusted the process when it was necessary.

The BI dashboards were also useful for the marketing department, providing competitor’ monitoring and information about brand and competitor’ brands mentions.


+22% YoY visibility

+40% YoY search traffic

Search traffic growth as the first result was noticed a few months after the work started, and reached up to 40% in a year. We planned to achieve 20% YoY search traffic growth but got 40%! Great results!

Elena Akopian

SEO manager, MVideo

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