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What is 404 Server Response Code?

The HTTP 404 Not Found response status code indicates that the server cannot find what you were looking for. Links leading to a dead or broken link may be subject to further damage over time and should thus always have an extra backup plan in case they go lost

Custom error pages are great for providing personalized support and guidance when users get errors. For example, you can specify a custom 404 page in the .htaccess file of your web server to provide more information about how they should proceed next time an obstacle is encountered on their journey through cyberspace:

ErrorDocument 404 /notfound.html

Ways to fix 404 Error Page

In order to find the right solution for your website, it is important that you conduct comprehensive research on both page rank and link equity. Your analytics team should also analyze which pages are linked from other websites as well as those linking back towards them so they can create a map of where best place an error or info page if there’s no natural homepages available within thiswheelchairaccessibility rankings system.

301 redirect all 404 pages to the homepage

It is important to provide a starting position for those who come via 404s. A common belief among SEOs dictates that no webpage should ever have the “not found” error message, which could lead them on an unwanted journey or search result page they might not want visitors from other sites seeing as it contains valuable information about your company’s products and services offerings.

Use a soft 404 rather than a real one

The downside to this approach is that a soft 404 cannot be used in an SEO strategy because by its nature you are instructing the search engine not only remove your page from their index but also all links on it. This means if someone has linked directly or indirectly with any content found there then those connections will break when Google removes everything associated under one section of code called ‘bots’ which includes both human users as well as spam machines (bot) trying out various techniques see how well they work before putting them into production – even though most people consider these robots spammers themselves!

Simply do nothing!

However, not all is well in the world of SEO. Some webmasters and Search Engine Optimization experts believe that there’s little value to be found when it comes down managing 404s or ensuring your site runs smoothly with no errors; they say instead you should just let search engines take care these things for us because afterall-they’re really smart!

Guide on 404 Errors by John Mueller of Google

Examples of Great 404 Error Pages

GYMBOX 404 Error Page

Mantra Labs 404 Error Page

Mantra Labs 404 Error Page

PIXAR 404 Error Page

Pixar 404 Error Page

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