Vitality of YouTube Domain in Google Search


In June, there were many changes in the SEO environment:

  • Google May Core Update, which began rolling out in late May and ended in early June, although its echoes in the form of fluctuating search engine positions were heard throughout the month.
  • Unconfirmed June Update, which also caught web resources in the gambling niche.

But most of all, in my opinion, we should pay attention to how the influence of Youtube and its position in the Google search engine has changed in the last few months, and especially in June.

There is an analysis of the query pool of one of the largest eCommerce projects in the United States on the screens below.

Youtube Search Visibility of 6th June

As we can see, the first screenshot shows the percentage of total visibility of the query pool in Google search results from June 6.
YouTube’s visibility is 6.63%

Youtube Visibility of 20th June

The second snap shows the same percentages, but from June 20. As the green line, responsible for the visibility of the mobile version of the domain of the world’s most famous video service, shows, visibility has increased to 25.67%. Unimaginable growth!

Let’s turn directly to the SERP.

Taking as an example one of the most popular high-frequency queries “gaming monitor”, we see that the output is completely flooded with Google “assistants”:

  • Carousel of product cards under the input line – paid ads from Google AdsSKU Carousel
  • The second carousel (!) with product cards and price range tags, which undoubtedly affects UX and usabilitySecond SKU Carousel
  • People Also Ask block – has become a familiar guest on the output of many search queries, both transactional and informational.Google's People Also Ask Block
  • Since we’re talking about “all” Google elements, I think it’s also worth noting the links to Google maps in the Rich Snippets of some of the documents in the rendering.Google in Rich Snippets
  • But what we are here for is the presence of the subdomain with reviews on certain models of gaming monitors, which occupies several positions in the organic results.Youtube mobile in SERP

Justice is blind, and perhaps the affiliation of Youtube with Google plays a role. But we provide you with dry facts and draw your own conclusions. See you soon!

SEO Data analyst with years of broad experience in Local SEO, eCommerce, Amazon Affiliate Marketing, and Gambling niche.

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